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Flashback: 04/21/14 – 05/15/14


It looks like I read a lot of books but for me 7 books, 2 short stories and 1 comic is too few for nearly 4 weeks of reading. The past few weeks I’ve always been really tired when I got home and I didn’t get enough sleep. Thanks to the BoutofBooks readathon I’m currently getting back into full flow though and I hope that I can still reach my goal for the TBR challenge.


+ Dreams of Gods and Monsters (DoSaB #3) by Laini Taylor  5-stars-small
A perfect ending for this series. Couldn’t be more happy about it! (Review coming soon)

+ Oath Bound (Unbound #3) by Rachel Vincent 4-stars-small
It is my least favorite in the series but it was still pretty good and a good ending for the series.

+ (Don’t You) Forget About Me by Kate Karyus Quinn 4-stars-small
I enjoyed this one a lot and I’m glad that I already have Another Little Piece on my TBR pile. (Review to come)

+ S. by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst 3-stars-small
An exhausting and unsatisfying read. My full review of S.

+ Exquisite Captive (The Dark Caravan Cycle #1) by Heather Demetrios 4-stars-small
This could have gotten a 5 star rating so easily if the romance had been better or  had been left out. At least there is no love triangle like I feared. (Review to come closer to the release date)


+ Saga Volume 1 by Brian K. Vaughan 5-stars-small
SO GOOOD! A mix of SciFi and Fantasy = my favorite genres. I haven’t read comics in years but this one got me back into reading them.

+ Lucky Day (Jasper Dent #0.1) by Barry Lyga 4-stars-small
A great short story! It was interesting to read about how Jasper’s father was caught.

+ Born of Corruption (Born of Illusion #1.5) by Teri Brown 4-stars-small
I enjoyed this short story a lot. It was nice to read a little murder mystery between books.

 + Born of Deception (Born of Illusion #2) by Teri Brown 2-stars-small
I don’t really understand what happened.  I loved the first book and after reading the short story I thought it would continue just like that. I didn’t enjoy this though. (Review coming soon)

+ Emperor of Thorns (Broken Empire #3) by Mark Lawrence 4-stars-small
I never expected this series to end like it did and I loved it that way.  I can’t wait to start reading his new series that is set in the same world! (Review of the whole series coming soon)

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  • Saga is so awesome. <3 I can't believe I never even heard of it before I stumbled upon a review of the third volume. And now everybody seems to read/know it. xD
    Any plans of reading the second volume, yet? I thought it was even better than the first, and can't wait to get my hands on the third one. It's a pity they're so expensive. ;( Had to order it at TBD and well … those order take a while to arrive, or to get shipped in the first place. (It's even worse to recommend those comics to German readers. They want 22€ for it. How do they even sell that?)

    • I ordered both Vol. 2 and 3! Also at TBD :D They should get here soon!
      TheReadables talked about it in one of her videos and shortly after that I saw it everywhere :D

  • Dreams of Gods and Monsters sieht so toll aus! Ich muss mir den 2. Teil noch irgendwo auftreiben aber bekomme das UK Hardcover nirgendwo her oO total seltsam…würde das ja gerne am Stück lesen.
    Schade, dass dir Born of Deception dann nicht mehr so gefallen hat, ich hab nu Born of Illusion auch aussortiert…

    • Aber Born of Illusion ist voll toll!!! (und das kann man auch als Einzelband lesen!)
      Hab ich schon mitbekommen, dass man das nirgends bekommt. Ich habs ja leider auch nur als PB und ärgere mich immer noch dass ich das damals nciht gleich als HC bestellt hab.

      • ich weiß nicht so recht, ich will das lieber dann als ganze Serie lesen, aber auch nicht schon wieder abbrechen müssen…meh, also behalten hab ichs ja, zähle es nur nicht mehr zum Sub. Vielleicht hab ich ja irgendwann mal Lust drauf :)
        total seltsam, ich hoffe immer auf die Seiten wo man die gebraucht bekommt, dass es da mal wieder reinkommt….zur not kaufe ich das halt auch als TB.