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2014 Year in Review

Book and blog related 2014 was an amazing year and I’m still so happy that I made the switch last year from German to English because since then I got to know awesome new people through my blog! I also met a lot of German bloggers (again) this year and every time was just glorious! I’m SO thankful for all the amazing friends I’ve made through my blog. Booknerds are the best! ❤

I also read a ton of awesome books (especially since I dived into epic fantasy and started way too many series but a lot of them are amazing so I don’t mind…), added new authors to my auto-buy list, managed to reread 14 books (I planned on reading 12, so YAY!) and  only a small number of books were disappointing.


My favorites:

I usually post something like ‘top 14 of 2014’ but I already had a hard time choosing books for this post, that I thought I’ll change it a bit this year.



Top 3 of 2014: 
  • The Flight of the Silvers by Daniel Price
    An awesome alternate world with people having fun superpowers! (my review)
  • Catalyst by S.J. Kincaid
    An epic last book in the Insignia series that was my favorite book out of the 3! It felt so real that it was scary. (my review)
  • The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson
    I read many Sanderson books this year and this was the most emotional one. I’m still not over this series even though I read it at the beginning of the year. (my review)

(my complete list of favorites)

Top 3 new-to-me authors: 
  • Daniel Price (The Flight of the Silvers)
  • Cinda Williams Chima (The Seven Realms series)
  • Sarah J. Maas (Throne of Glass series)
Top 3 debuts:



Instead of just listing a bunch of numbers I thought it would be fun to compare them to last year! Especially the statistic about the genres I read is interesting I think, as it changed a lot:


My newfound love for epic fantasy is clearly visible (about 30% of all the books I read)! :D
I’m somewhat sad though that I didn’t manage to read as many classics and historical fiction books again. 


I read about 20 books less than the previous year but that’s mostly due to me reading more bigger books and reading a lot of short stories during 2013. I actually read roughly the same number of pages like last year.

Books read: 167 (2013: 185)
Pages read: 62k (2013: 62k)

Series started: 44
Series finished: 19
DNF: 9

Average rating: 4.03 (68 books with 5 stars and only 6 with 1 star)


Some other fun facts:

55% of the books I read were from female authors, 45% from male authors.
(I wanted it to be 50/50 so I like the outcome)

I read 32% of the books as an ebook, 30% as hardcover and 38% as paperback.
(I’m surprised how many ebooks I read this year! This was a lot more than last year.)

5% of the books I read were middle grade, 63% YA and 32% adult.
(I think the number of adult books will go up a bit again next year)


Happy New Year!

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  • Jackie • December 31st, 2014

    Really amazing statistics! You had an amazing reading year! I hope 2015 will be a great year for you too!

  • Happy new year! I’m also a big fan of fantasy and high fantasy, and Brandon Sanderson’s books are amazing. I dread the day when I will run out of Sanderson books ;__;

  • I need to read more ebooks, in fact it’s one of my goals as I mainly read paperback! :)

  • I love this recap post it’s simple and to the point. This is why i’m going to try and keep my books up to date with excel sheets. I need to figure out what I’m reading and of course if the other day was any indication how much I’m spending! I hope you’ve had a great year, it’s been a pleasure to be your friend.

    Stay awesome!

  • I love your love for epic fantasy :D And wow, you read soo many books, I am jealous ;-)
    Hearing so much about the awesomeness that is THE HERO OF AGES makes me wanna reread it right now, although I just finished the series last year..
    Hope you have a great 2015 with lots of amazig books!

    • I already want to reread too! It’s not even been a year but I think that series but actually become a yearly reread for me :D

  • You read so many books in 2014, Crini! Looks like a lot of them were amazing too! Hope you have a great 2015 as well- happy new year! :)

  • Did you use to blog exclusively in German? I didn’t know this! I’m glad you switched though because my German reading skills are atrocious and I wouldn’t have met you otherwise <3

    ALL THE EPIC FANTASY. Don't talk to me about The Hero of Ages. It still hurts. I'm planning on binging the Seven Realms series since Meg bought me them for my birthday. Not sure when though because between The 100 and Brandon Sanderson I tend to get into a lot of reading slumps lately.

    I expect my number of adult books to go up as well this year with all of the fantasy and TBR books I'll be reading. The number has been slowly rising each year for about three years now so it'll be interesting to see what happens this year!

    Happy New Year, my lovely! <3

    • Yep, exclusively in German ;)

      Funny thing is that I only started reading YA in 2012 and now I already want to read less again but there are still so many YA books I want to read.
      I had a few disappointments with epic fantasy in YA lately though, so I’ll (try to) stick to adult books this year.

  • I’m super happy you’ve made the transition into English too! I always feel bad when someone comments on our blog and they have a non-English blog. I go to comment back and then see it’s not English and oftentimes just turn away. Which, I know, is really bad, but I don’t know anything other than English! I actually commented on one this morning using Google Translate, but bleh, it makes me feel stupid. >.<

    Reread 14 books?! Dang girl. And here I was proud of rereading 4. ;)

    Wow, look at those epic fantasy numbers! I think it's quite fun seeing your reading statistics at a glance like that. Definitely think it's awesome you're almost 50/50 for male to female ratio. One of these days I should look at my statistics to see how I'm doing when it comes to diversity and things like that, but I'm SO lazy. :P Plus, I don't maintain extensive spreadsheets like you do so it's a bit more work for me to come up with it all.

    Anyways, hope 2015 is amazing for you! Way to kick 2014's butt!

    • I already used to visit and comment on a lot of english blogs when I still wrote in German and it made me so sad that I coudln’t fully connect to these people. Even my twitter was in German back then so there was really no chance for us to really connect. Made me sad but it’s not like I thought it’s their fault. That you actually used a translater is awesome! :D Wouldn’t expect that from anybody. Today I wonder why I didn’t make the switch sooner. Best idea I’ve ever had.

      I’m really proud that I managed 14 rereads. When there are books involved like Chaos Walking it’s easy to forget all the shiny new books :D

      Haha, my obsessions with numbers+lists outdoes my laziness XD

  • Whoa, it looks like you had an awesome year in books – and I’m so glad you managed to discover a new genre! Epic fantasy is seriously the best – I’m so in love with LOTR (the classic!). :D And by the way, I’m so in awe of the fact that you were almost 50/50 on the male/female ratio. At a glance, the amount of female authors I read from was way, way more than male authors – that could be because I read so much YA, but I still felt kind of bad about it, haha ;) Great job, and here’s to an even better 2015! :D

  • I didn’t know you only used to blog in German. While I have some German skills, they are not so good I could follow a complete blog, so I’m happy you’ve switched because now I got the chance to meet you :D This is the year I read Mistborn, I PROMISE.