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Re-reads: February 2016



It’s funny how Maraia, Sana and I were thinking about the idea of what it would be like to ONLY re-read for a whole year which is obviously not going to happen because of all the awesome new releases. Then the idea of at least making it 50:50 popped up and I thought that might actually be a goal for next year, when my TBR is finally at a number where I want it to be. And here I am with half the books I read this year being re-reads. AND IT’S SO MUCH FUN! I’m having the best of times. 

What I re-read in FEBRUARY

A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab

I have a little obsession with this book/series right now. I already got my copy of the book a little early, so I got the audiobook on release day (which is FANTASTIC) and when I was done with my first re-read, I almost immediately started listing from the start all over again. I might set a new re-read record with this one that even The Raven Cycle can’t compete with.

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

My first ever successful audiobook read and it was great! It definitely started a new obsession. I loved the narrators and I liked the story a lot more than when I first read it. Back then I had a hard time getting into the story.

Red Rising and Golden Son by Pierce Brown

When I read Golden Son at the end of 2014 I was already struggling because I didn’t remember most of the characters. There are just too many to remember them over a year later. So before reading Morning Star, the last book in the trilogy, I re-read these two and it was SO MUCH FUN to binge read the whole series. I have already plans to re-read again via audiobook.

White Cat by Holly Black

I’ve been meaning to re-read this series for a long time and I finally did when Maraia made me listen to the audiobook which is fantastic because it’s read by Jesse Eisenberg *swoons* I didn’t even use the 2x speed as usual because I really like listening to his voice LOL

Have you read any of these books? Do you re-read via audiobook too?

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  • I’m currently reading White Cat and I’m really enjoying it! Can’t wait to read the sequels!

  • My re-reading is only at 20%. D: I hope you can keep yours at 50%, it’s so amazing! Audiobooks make everything better. I didn’t realize you were planning to re-reading the Red Rising trilogy via audio. I’m not sure I could keep everything straight. XD

    If only TRC had a better narrator…

    • Schwab said the audiobooks are amazing so obviously I must listen to them (not anytime soon though I think)
      I will never get over TRC not being good on audio but then maybe it’s better that way or else would listen to it non-stop XD

  • LOL at “little” obsession. Way to dial it down, C! =P

    How are you already at 2x speed, though? I could hardly stomach 1.5x.

    My re-reading is at 50%, too which isn’t bad but I only read 3 books in February so it doesn’t really count and I need to step up my game (by which I mean probably reread TRC, ADSOM and TSS a lot of times mainly).

    • Because I dialed up until 2x within 10min of the first audiobook XD I didn’t want to get used to the slower one because I knew I wouldn’t be able to get to 2x later

      YES to lots of re-reading of TRC,ADSOM and TSS!

  • I definitely couldn’t do re-reads for an entire year, but I do love to re-read favourite books :) Right now I’m re-reading The Fellowship of the Ring. Nice choices to re-read!

  • The Shades of Magic series is so compelling I completely understand this desire. I immediately wanted to start rereading AGOS once I finished it and cannot stop thinking about the characters and story. Victoria has outdone herself with these books!

Feb 29, 2016