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Did my taste in books change over the years?


If you know me/have been following this blog for a while, you know that I’m a little (read: very) obsessed with keeping track of what I read and getting all kinds of statistics on that. Something that’s always fascinated me the most is what genres I read. It often seems like my taste in books changed quite a lot over the past few years but I think it mostly just seems that way because I’ve been trying out new-to-me genres and then discover that I like it and keep reading it. I really only ever fell out of love with one genre and that is Contemporary. And I can’t really say that it ever was a favorite genre, I just read a whole bunch of books when it was new to me but then realized pretty fast it’s not something I can constantly read.

How many books did I read per genre each year?

It’s obviously not the best idea to just compare numbers because I didn’t read the same amount of books each year BUT it’s still interesting to compare the amount of books I read each year in the different genres (and I like making these kind of statistics so who cares, as long as they are fun, right!?)



The most extreme change is definitely in the number of thrillers and crime books I read. That’s mostly because up until 2010 it was pretty much the only genre I read. Like, it would be super boring if I included numbers from 2009 (which I don’t even have *sad face*) because every genre but crime/thriller would have zero books anyway.

You can definitely see that 2010 was the year when I slowly started reading other genres. Some (SciFi, high fantasy, magical realism) are still at zero in 2010 and I only started reading those in the years after.  

Percentage of each genre each year

Because I can’t get enough of statistics and looking at the percentage instead of number of books makes more sense, I obviously had to make a statistic on those too.



(I’m having so much fun with these, I could stare at them for hours LOL)
This one shows even more that I’ve never really been into Contemporary, only that Ihad a phase when I was reading a bit more but it went back down again pretty fast. And apparently I read less Science Fiction to be able to read more High Fantasy, which I hadn’t realized before. I thought it were other genres that went down for it.

I can’t wait to add my statistics for 2016 at the end of the year. Science Fiction definitely went up again, and Magical Realism too.

So, did my taste change?

I don’t think my taste in books actually changed. I still love thrillers and crime books, but I just discovered other genres in the past few years that I like as well and because I’ve only just started reading those, they seem more interesting at the moment. Sometimes I want to hit myself for only starting with other genres so late because it seems weird that I discovered what I love this late but on the other hand, I loved all the books I read when I only read crime and thrillers, so I don’t regret reading all those. I just have a lot to catch up on.

I’ve definitely reached a point in recent years where I became really good in judging what kind of book I’m going to like though. I easily DNF books, but I don’t even have to do that very often, because I’m pretty good at reading a synopsis and knowing if it’s going to be a book I’ll enjoy.

Has your taste in books changed over the years/recently or has it always been the same?