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A book blog, mostly touring foreign worlds of fantasy novels with occasional detours into space and explorations of magical realism, featuring book reviews, random bookish thoughts and hand lettered quotes.

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posted Jun 12, 2017
A review of Seanan McGuire's EVERY HEART A DOORWAY.
posted May 22, 2017
A review of RIVER OF TEETH by Sara Gailey.
posted Mar 20, 2017
A review of Brother's Ruin by Emma Newman.
posted Sep 12, 2016
A review of Marie Brennan's short story Cold-Forged Flame, availabel September 2016 from
posted Aug 15, 2016
A review of The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe by Kij Johnson.
posted Apr 18, 2016
A review of K.J. Parker's The Devil You Know
posted Feb 4, 2016
A review of The Drowning Eyes by Emily Foster, a novella that combines all you want of a great fantasy read.