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My Spreadsheets

I love creating bookish spreadsheets and I love sharing them with others even more. By now I have a whole lot of book related spreadsheet and I’m going to share one from time to time.

All my spreadsheets are done within Google Drive and can only be used there because they make use of formulas that aren’t available in other applications.

Feedback is always appreciated, especially when something does not work properly and needs to be fixed but I’m also always open for suggestions for additional features. Watch this page for updated versions of my spreadsheet!

Books 2016:

This is a yearly spreadsheet to keep track of all the books you read and acquired in 2016. It comes with many different columns for information about the books and gives you a wide variety of statistics about them, Goodreads’s reading challenge but also your own challenges included.

Book series:

This spreadsheet is for keeping track of book series. Every book in a series can be marked as read, owned and unread or to be bought. Different tabs let you know about series that start and end in a given year. Statistics on all the series are included too.


This spreadsheet is for ARCs. With the help of this spreadsheet you will be able to keep track of all your ARCs. Different statuses for each ARC help to let you know which books you still need to read, which ones you still need to review and which reviews you’ve already sent to the publisher. Statistics on your progress and a list of titles releasing within the next 30 days are also part of this spreadsheet.


All copies are read-only. You have to make your own copy to be able to use it.

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