Catch the Silvers: Evan Rander

Evan Rander:
Originally belonged to the Silvers but couldn’t be united with them because he preferred to go his own way and is now working against them for different reasons (can’t be more precise without spoilers^^)

Here you can discuss in your group what move you want to make next!

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  • Hey there, hope you have a good day! :)

    Since we can only travel by foot right now I’d say we try to get to a point from where we can travel with far more possibilities when we see the location of the silvers. What do you think? We should probably go to point 26 and then 25?

  • Hi, Bureau of Domestic Relations here ;)

    I think that’s a good idea. We will stay in the northern region of the city, at least until we know something about the Silvers’ location. You should stay in the south for now, but it would be good if by the time the Silvers reveal themselves for the first time, we all are at points with more possibilities.
    Tell me what you think ;)

  • Hi guys!
    I think that sounds like a plan. And a good one as well. :-) If we go to 25 we have the best choices in the next round. So I’d say let’s do this.
    Question for Tascha: Do you want to state where we are going on the main page?

  • We have just updated the map and the table, you can now discuss your next move!

    Please tell us where you are going next until FRIDAY, 21.00h Central European Time!

  • Good morning,

    so our next move is 25? Looks like all the seeking groups are in a good position when the Silvers reveal themselfs for the first time. Maybe we should keep track of the tokens we took to travel?

    • May I suggest something else? I would go to 21, THEN to 25, because then the Silvers will reveal themselves and you can directly move farther away if you need to …

  • Your position has been updated, you can now start planning your next move! ;-)

  • Next move is to 25. Okay?

  • The map looks pretty good for us. I think this time we should get in touch with the BDR and work together. We can try to catch the silvers from two sides. After work I’ll look, what their plans are.

    • BDR here, hi :)

      Yeah, well… I actually came over to see what your plans are before making a suggestion xD Uh, I’d suggest one group should use the car to move to 75 to block that way. But the problem is that the other group either would have to go to 75 too (I’m not even sure if that is allowed) or would not come very close to the Silvers current position. We could go to 46 and block that way, but I’m not sure if that would help much.

      • The Gothams are in a good position to come across too. By public transport we can bridge a lot of stations. Any suggestions where we can block the silvers most effective?

  • I just updated the map, please make your next movies until MONDAY 21.00 h CET ! ;-)

  • Please make your next move until Friday! ;-)

    There has been an important update on the rules, so please make sure to check the main page!

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