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Spreadsheets Overview

A (currently incomplete) list of all my spreadsheets with links to empty copies of each of them. These are always read-only files. To use these spreadsheets you have to make a copy for yourself:
File > Make a copy…
Every spreadsheet comes with a “Read Me!” tab with detailed information about how to use the spreadsheet.


Books 2015:

This spreadsheet is for keeping track of book read and bought during 2015. It comes with all kinds of statistics like average rating each month, average number of pages, average number of days spend on a book and lots more. It’s also for keeping track of GR’s reading challenge (rereads and DNF included), TBR reduction and other reading challenges.

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Book series:

This spreadsheet is to keep track of all the series you read and want to read. It comes with statistics like number of series started/finished each year.

(in progress)



(to come)