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Wreck This Journal #2

I don’t need my books to be in perfect condition but there are things I would never do to a book (like cracking the spine). That’s why I thought it would be fun to actually do all these different things (and others I wouldn’t have thought of) to just one book and share it with you. 

Wreck2aI thought it would be a good idea to go on with this instruction because it’s probably the one that will do the biggest damage. It was actually quite fun to do this. I normally never even read a book while taking a bath because I’m too afraid the book will get wet so I liked doing it on purpose :D

The aftermath:


Another one that damaged the journal pretty good but was also a lot of fun to do was this one:


I didn’t really think about what could happen to the book by doing this. I kind of expected it to just land flat on its front or back and that it would get dirty. And now I can’t stop laughing when I see what actually happend:

I never expected to have so much fun wrecking a book. I only followed 5 instructions so far and it already looks pretty bad.
After that I thought it could need a break and only did this: