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Goodbye 2013 – Hello 2014


I read some really amazing books this past year. Out of the 182 books I read these are my top three (you can see my top 13 here). Patrick Ness is no surprise because he is my favorite author but the other two were new-to-me authors who also made my “Top 10 new-to-me authors of 2013” list.


Not really worth mentioning but I thought I would also list my flops of the year. These are the three books that annoyed the heck out of me and where really hard to finish. I read all three with friends which was the only reason why I kept reading until the end. (And there are lots of reasons why I hate Allegiant but the end is not one of them! That was actually the best part^^)


Especially at the end of the year I managed to finish a lot of series. Altogether I finished 17 series. I started even more than that (31) but I just love series and can’t get enough of them. Out of these 17 these 3 were my favorites both as an overall series and as my favorite ending:



I’m especially grateful for all the people I met (again) this year. I had a really great time every time we got together. My highlights of 2013 were:

  • lit.Cologne = meeting Maggie Stiefvater
  • A barbecue at my house
  • Watching and making fun of City of Bones
  • A trip to Amsterdam ( and meeting Samantha Shannon)
  • Frankfurt Book Fair
  • Antwerp Book Fair = meeting Patrick Ness


I love new beginnings. I always think I can finally accomplish ALL the things and set myself way to many goals. Good thing is that I don’t even mind if I don’t achieve them in the end. So of course I made lots of bookish plans for 2014 again. Besides reading all the books (especially my Top ten releases I’m dying to read) these are my resolutions for this year:

  • Write more comments on other peoples’ blogs. 
    I already started doing this the last few weeks but I want to keep going like that and actually talk about the books I read and not only write/read reviews about them.
  • Be more thorough with my reviews.
    I always write reviews in batches so that I post them sometimes weeks after I read the book. I want to change that and also write more reviews in general.
  • Take notes on books which are part of a series.
    My memory is like a sieve so I have to take notes or will forget everything until the next book comes out.
  • Read more classics.
    One of those goals I set myself every year. I accomplished to read more than a few last year but only at the beginning of the year.
  • Goodreads reading challenge: 150 books
  • Finish 15+ series
    I already made a list of series that are already finished or will be finished this year. I want to read as many as possible of those.
  • More rereads
    I have a lot of books on my list that I want to reread. My goal is to reread at least one book a month
  • Use my “Around the world” map
  • Buy less books
    This is probably the most difficult one but I really want to lower my TBR pile this year