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Top Ten Bookish Things (That Aren’t Books) That I’d Like To Own

(TTT is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish)

I don’t really know why but I have a lot of bookish things on my wishlist but rarely buy any of these things. I especially love shirts (the only thing I buy a lot of, but most of them are more TV series/movie related than bookish).


Bracelet • T-shirt  • Page Pals •  Pop! Vinyl • Mug

I love marking favorite quotes and scenes but I only own very boring one color page flags so far. These Pop! Vinyls are amazing and I want them all!



Bookmark • Tshirt • Bookshelf • Tote bag • Book end

I love this bookshelf! I always wanted to build one like this myself but of course never got to it. And you can never have enough bookmarks right? Especially one like this Harry Potter bookmark. I already have way to many tote bags but these look like they have room for  a whole bunch of books. Also on my wishlist: pretty book ends. 


Which bookish things are on your wishlist? Anything I should add?

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  • I love that tote bag! I could totally handle having one of those for my library trips. The bookends are also awesome, buuut, my bookshelves are absolutely stuffed, lol! My TTT!

  • I own a nautical version of those bracelets, it was super cheap and really nice. I keep forgetting to wear it lately! I love those page pals, I’m going to bookmark (heh, bookmark) those for later.

  • That tote bag is so cute and I love those book shelves!

  • That tote and the blue bookshelf are to die for. And I really love the first tshirt you found! I’ve seen so much Harry Potter stuff today, it make me wanna shop (too bad my bank account doesn’t agree…) Great list!

    I keep seeing so many gorgeous blogs today, and yours is DEFINITELY one of them! I just love your design!

    Megan @ Bookworm in Love

  • Die Page Pals sind ja toll *.*
    Ich glaube nur, ich wäre dann viel zu geizig, die auch zu benutzen. Ist wie bei Notizbüchern, da denke ich mir auch immer, ich versaue sie mit meiner hässlichen Schrift xD

  • Love the book shelf! Would def. help organize all the books I have thrown to and fro :)

  • That DADA tshirt is very cool! There are so many lovely things to buy – just need a lottery win now!

  • I’ve always wanted the “disappearing” bookshelves for my walls. There’s a special way you place the bottom book on the shelf and it makes it look as though the stack is floating in midair! They’re so cool, but a little pricey. I want them for my classics books because I just think that’d be a really cool way to have them in my room. :P

    I love the book end! Shopping for book ends is my obsession, even though I never end up buying any. I don’t have any real use for them – they’re just really awesome.

    I love those little Pop! Vinyl dolls. I’ve always wanted a Loki one. ;P

    • I’ve got these invisible bookshelves! (and I can never decide what books deserve the place on them :D)

      I didn’t know there is a Loki one, I need to get that one too! :D

  • Hach, das HP Armband ist auch schon auf meiner WuLi und das Lesezeichen auch.
    Ich bin auch immer MEGA neidisch, wenn Mädels wie Arie auf Instagram in Page Pals präsentieren. Die sind sooooo süß und will ich auch. Total blöd ist auch, dass die noch nicht mal nach Deutschland ausliefern. :(
    Die Buchstützen sind ja auch sowas von genial. Erinnert mich total an Leigh Bardugos “Siege and Storm”. :D

  • I really love that bracelet, it’s so cute! I seriously need that mug too!

    Your blog design is so beautiful, I love the bold colours! Quick question, but do you have Bloglovin’? I can’t seem to find a button on your site and that’s how I mainly follow people!

  • Hach die GoT Püppchen finde ich ja total niedlich und würde gerne selbst ein paar sammeln, aber ich glaub ich würde sie nicht genügend liebhaben, dass sie nur bei mir verstauben würden. Deswegen halte ich mich da immer dezent zurück. Von Shirts kann ich aber auch nicht genug kriegen ♥ Ziehe zwar selten welche für draußen an, sondern eher wenn ich zu Hause gammel, aber man fühlt sich gleich wohler wenn man ein Teil seiner Hobbys mit sich rumträgt.

  • EEK! I love ALL OF THOSE BRACELETS! Especially that owl one… adding that! I have those little monster page pal post it notes and they make tagging books so much fun :)

Apr 15, 2014