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Pretty Books: Across the Universe

Pretty-BooksPretty Books is a randomly occuring feature where I show you books that are especially pretty, both on the outside and the inside.

The Across the Universe series is one of my favorite scifi series. Across the Universe was my first book set in space and also my first scifi book that was not a dystopia. And since then scifi is one of my favorite genres.


Since I knew that the third book in the series wouldn’t match my other two books, I’m using the back of the reversible dust jacket. I really love this one, especially because I think the original cover can look kind of weird (it took me a looong time until I noticed that there are people on the cover!) and this one is so cool with the blueprint of the spaceship.


I love how much thought the publisher put into the design of this book. I would have had no idea how to picture the spaceship itself but this blueprint helped a lot! I wish I had a second one to hang on my wall!


I LOVE when books have something impressed like this. And this icon of the Godspeed is so awesome! It makes me sad that only the first two books got that and the last one didn’t.


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  • Eeep, this is a book I haven’t read yet! I do love the space-y cover, but the blueprint one is awesome as well!

    By the way! I went ahead and bought the ebook of The Girl of Fire & Thorns :D Swamped with other books at the moment, but when you’re ready to start reading, let me know ;D Also, STILL waiting for Barnes & Noble to get back to me about Winger..taking their good ol’ time getting it in stock :p I guess it has only been 4 days…but still. Ha.

    • Awesome! Right now I have way too many books to read but I’ll tell you once I have time for it :D
      I should have chose the other book I had in mind :D

  • Wie cool, ein Buch mit Wendecover!

    Ich finde das sieht viel besser als aus das ursprüngliche und wenn es dann auch noch beim inhaltlichen Verständnis hilft ist es ja doppelt gelungen.

    Mag die Typo von Titel/Autorin auch sehr…

    • Ich fands ja anfangs ein wenig komisch dass Cover einfach andersrum zu knicken. Hatte Angst dass das durch das beidseitige Falten dann so leicht reißen wird :D

  • I’m obsessed with pretty books, so I love this feature! It goes so well with your blog, which is also very pretty. :)

    I had no idea this book had a reversible dust jacket (or that reversible dust jackets were even a thing), but I love the idea. You’re right – it show the designers really put in effort, because there is so much more to design and develop. I’m also a fan of imprints on books!

    • Thank you!!!
      It’s my one and only book with a reversible dust jacket and I can’t say that I’ve seen it anywhere else for other books.

May 07, 2014