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Top Ten Male POVs

(TTT is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish)

Those who have been following my blog for a while now know that I like to read books by male authors more than by female authors (even though I always end up reading more by female authors anyhow) and even prefer male POVs to female POVs. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to use today’s TTT Freebie to list some of my favorites.

The “I’m not a serial killer” type

I_Hunt_Killers-Barry_Lyga Im_Not_A_Serial_killer-Dan_Wells Porject_Cain-Geoffrey_Girard

Jasper Dent • John Cleaver • Jeff Jacobson

I LOVE being in the head of a serial killer. These teens are even more interesting because they think they might become killers but don’t want to. Their inner struggle is so intense! They are a bit like Dexter, they want to be good but they don’t handle it the way Dexter does.

 Thieves, thugs and the like

 The_Final_Empire-Brandon_Sanderson Vicious-Victoria_Schwab Legend-Marie_Lu Prince_of_thorns-Mark_Lawrence

Kelsier • Victor • Day • Jorg

These kind of guys are always fun to read about. I think the “bad” guys, no matter if only harmless ones like Day or vicious ones like Jorg, have more depth to them and are so much more interesting than others. Seeing inside their heads, reading their thoughts and getting to know what drives them to do the things they do makes the most thrilling stories.

Guys who could use a hug

White_Cat-Holly_Black The_Mosntrumologist-Rick_Yancey The_Knife_Of_Never_Letting_Go-Patrick_Ness

Cassel Sharp • Will Henry • Todd Hewitt

Three of my favorite male characters who are always in desperate need of a hug. Life hasn’t been easy for these three and that’s what makes them so interesting. These are fighters, they don’t give up and stand their ground.