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Epic Recs: June


Epic Recs #2 is happening! I knew this would be fun but I never expected to have THAT much fun and that it is so exciting to both make someone read a book and get pushed to read a book!

Last month Rosie made me read Broken Symmetry, a book I never heard of before and probably would never have read if she hadn’t forced it on me. And I’m glad she did because I liked it! I’m also glad she liked Winger, my rec for her.


Rosie’s Rec:



My Rec:


More Than This


I realized that Rosie never read a book by Patrick Ness before which I had to change of course. I made her choose between 1st in a series + cliffhanger and standalone and she chose the latter. I could choose between a fairy tale retelling or werewolves and chose werewolves.