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How I keep track of the insane amount of series I read

I LOVE reading series, way more than standalones. My wishlist is bursting with first books in series and I also have a huge amount of series I need to finish. My list currently consists of 221 series and I haven’t even added all the new series I discovered the past few months.
I’ve always preferred series to standalones and realized that I need to keep track of them somehow. That’s why I made my first spreadsheet a few years ago which I’ve been using ever since and only slightly changed over the years.

I’ve already shared it via twitter a couple of times and even provided people with an empty version, but I’ve made a few changes recently and wanted to share it again, in more detail.


book_series_overview(click it to see a bigger picture!)



I have a row for each series and they are sorted by author and then title of the series. Each book in a series gets a green field and then I can mark if I have read the book (X), if I own the book but need to read it () or leave it empty if I still need to get it/it’s not out yet.
With this I get some statistics on how many books I read, still need to read and how many series are on my wishlist!

I also color all the series I have finished in red and the ones I want to finish soon/this year are bold. For some of them I even took track of when they are going to be finished.

To get even more statistics I use the three columns on the left. The first indicates if I finished or DNF a series. The other two are for keeping track when I started and when I finished/DNF them (a year in brackets means I didn’t finish the series).




 These are all the values I get from my spreadsheet:

  • Number of series overall
  • Number of series I finished and DNF
  • Number of series that I’m currently reading (=at least read the first book)
  • Number of series to start (= I own the first book but haven’t read it yet)
  • Number of series on my wishlist
  • Number of 1st, 2nd,… books in series I read and need to read
  • Statistics on how many series  I started and finished in specific years


I’ve always keeping track of my series like this (as in keeping track of every single book) and I never thought about changing it because it works perfectly for me this way. I only need to remember updating it regularly, which I mostly do at the end of each month.


Do you keep track of your series too? How do you do it?