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Pretty Books: The Glass Sentence

Pretty-BooksPretty Books is a randomly occuring feature where I show you books that are especially pretty, both on the outside and the inside.


I usually try to only choose books for my Pretty Books feature which I already read, to tell you about all the little details that fit the story. I haven’t read The Glass Sentence YET, because I only got it today, but it is SO PRETTY I just have to show you.


This book is about “the Great Disruption of 1799, when all the continents were flung into different time periods” and a girl who ” travels over rough terrain and uncharted ocean, encounters pirates and traders, and relies on a combination of Shadrack’s maps, common sense, and her own slantwise powers of observation”. What could better fit a story like this than a map and a compass,right!?


SEE-THROUGH DUST JACKET! That’s what I love the most about this book’s design. The dust jacket is so pretty I want to pin it onto my wall as a poster.




Deckled edges! I don’t always like to have this rough cut but when it comes to historical fiction I LOVE it (even though I always have a hard time  flipping through a book with rough cut).


This book has three pretty maps. THREE! I already fall in love with stories when the book has one map, but three! And they are all so beautiful.




And last but not least: pretty chapter headings, page numbers and the like.





What do you think? Pretty or pretty?

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  • MAPS! One of the reasons I love fantasy books so much. It’s great to see the world the author created. I also like that the dust jacket is transparent :D

  • Oh cool, ein transparenter Schutzumschlag, sowas hab ich bei Romanen noch überhaupt nicht gesehen!

    Die Karten und die Typographie der Kapitel-Anfänge finde ich auch toll, ich steh nur nicht so wirklich auf Rough Cuts :D

  • I NEED THIS BOOK IN MY LIFE! I seriously love maps and this book sounds brilliant and I want it and all the things! Your posting of all these amazing books just makes me want it more!

  • I am hoping to get to this book tomorrow or the next day, I think my hopes might be a tad optimistic, but I’ve heard such good things and /maps/, and it is seriously a really, really pretty book.

  • Oh my I like this a lot! I love the frosted effect on the jacket! Also I love the dappled edges to the paper and ahh, the illustrations so much love for this book! <3

  • SO PRETTY! *__*

  • This book has no right to be so damn pretty! Gosh, now I want it so badly. But I will wait a little and read a couple of reviews first. I’m not sure whether that’s my kind of book – although I could buy it just to have it on my shelf… hmmm…

  • Oh wow, der Schutzumschlag ist ja ein Highlight für sich! Und der Kapitelanfang sieht auch traumhaft aus! *.*
    Überhaupt ist das eine tolle Kategorie, bin gespannt, was für schöne Bücher du uns noch zeigen wirst ;-).

  • Awwww, ich will das jetzt unbedingt haben!