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Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

(TTT is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish)

I don’t spend a lot of time watching TV series (maybe 5 episodes max each week) and yet I had trouble only listing 10 TV shows. I decided to only list the ones I’m currently watching and not favorites like Gilmore Girls and Friends which ended a long time ago. If you want to know what other shows (and movies) I watch you can check out my profile on!


Hands-down my absolute favorite TV show! It’s about time AND space travel, has the BEST characters ever, often mind blowing stories and is funny. My favorite is Eleven by the way but I also love Ten of course! My favorite female character: River Song! SPOILERS! ;) Serial killers are the most interesting characters out there in my opinion. Hannibal is definitely the best one out there! Shocking, bloody, brutal and just damn brilliant! And the food. I always get hungry watching that show. It always looks so delicious! :D I still haven’t processed what happened in the finale of the last season. Bryan Fuller, you are mean!
TTT_TV_CM TTT_TV_SleepyHollow
Criminal Minds used to be my absolute favorite. The first seasons were AWESOME. Thrilling stories about the worst serial killers and it was interesting to see how the profilers knew how the murderers think and found them. Sadly the last few seasons weren’t as good anymore. You already know right from the start who the killer is and the killers themselves are a lot less interesting than they used to be. At least the characters are still awesome and it still kills me when cases get personal.

This show is HILARIOUS! Even though it’s about the Headless Horseman, the apocalypse and a lot of people get killed. Ichabod Crane in modern Sleepy Hollow is just too funny. He always makes me laugh out loud when learning about new things like cell phones, guns and Starbucks.

All those spooky things are awesome too though!

And I love the character Henry. Mostly because it’s John Noble and the character reminds me so much of Walter from Fringe :D



One might think that when having read the books you are prepared for this show. Ha! Haha! HAHAHA! NOPE!

Okay, I already forgot a lot of details from the books but they also change a lot. And OMG! Oberyn Martell! I watched that scene three times and still couldn’t believe my eyes. IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?

Also: dragons! It so much fun to see them. I wish they would play a bigger role in the show.

The second season wasn’t as good as the first one anymore but the first one was mind blowing. It felt like every single person was a Follower! So many plot twists!

Other things I like about the show: Put Joe and Ryan in one room together and they make me laugh out loud when they start talking. And I’m sure Ryan is secretly Superman!

What I don’t like: Too many brunettes. I have a hard time telling them all apart! :D

TTT_TV_Parenthood TTT_TV_TeenWolf

If you love Gilmore Girls you need to watch this show! It’s not the same, but Lauren Graham plays a single mom again! I LOVE this show. This big family is so lovely and always reminds me of my own.

It also always make me cry, either because everyone is so happy or because something really sad happened. There is no in between.

Too bad the next season is going to be the last one :(

 Stiles, Issac and Derek. Nuff said!

Retellings of all the fairytales <3
It is so much fun to see how all these fairytale characters got their place in our modern world but that we also get to see their original story. All these conections which make it one epic fairytale.

Also: hot,guyliner Hook! :D

Kind of like OUAT but with all the dark characters: Vampires, Van Helsing, Frankenstein + Monster, Dorian Gray,…

I was surprised how bloody and violent this is! The first season only had a few episodes but most of them are really good!

And I’ve never seen someone play a possessed person as good as Eva Green. She is awesome!


Do you watch any of these shows? What TV shows do you watch?