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The Month of the Silvers: 10 Reasons why you should read the book

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Without warning, the world comes to an end for Hannah and Amanda Given. The sky looms frigid white. The electricity falters. Airplanes everywhere crash to the ground. But the Givens are saved by mysterious strangers, three fearsome and beautiful beings who force a plain silver bracelet onto each sister’s wrist. Within moments, the sky comes down in a crushing sheet of light and everything around them is gone.

Shielded from the devastation by their silver adornments, the Givens suddenly find themselves elsewhere, a strange new Earth where restaurants move through the air like flying saucers and the fabric of time is manipulated by common household appliances.

Soon Hannah and Amanda are joined by four other survivors from their world—a mordant cartoonist, a shy teenage girl, a brilliant young Australian, and a troubled ex-prodigy. Hunted by enemies they never knew they had and afflicted with temporal abilities they never wanted, the sisters and their companions begin a cross-country journey to find the one man who can save them—before time runs out.



If the summary is not enough to convince you to read this book, then here are ten reasons why you should must read it:

  1. An epic road trip across a foreign/alternate version of the US
  2. A mixed group of all kinds of people, teens and adults alike -> great group dynamics
  3. Pop culture references (Harry Potter, Batman, Twilight,…)
  4. Amazing Scifi inventions (time bending technique)
  5. Several antagonists
  6. Well written characters with flaws so that you can easily identifying with them
  7. Fast-paced and full of twists and turns
  8. Awesome superpowers that the characters have to learn how to control first
  9. Complexe story with many interesting side plots that still never loses focus on the main storyline
  10. A great setting with an alternate earth that is completely different to the one we know but feels absolutely realistic and credible though


And now go and buy + read the book! You’re welcome! ;D

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Jan 11, 2015