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The Month of the Silvers: Interview Part 2

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We didn’t want to keep Daniel from writing the second book for too long, but we had so many questions we couldn’t resist asking. This is part 2 of the interview with Daniel, another set of both book related and other random question. Make sure to check out part one over at!


“The Flight of the Silvers” has a lot of cool gadgets that work with time-bending like the rejuvenator, some kind of futuristic microwave that can restore rotten food or speedsuits that can make you move incredibly fast. If you could choose one of them to be real, which one would you want to have in your daily life?

My first choice would be the rejuvenator. Not only does it restore rotten food but it fixes broken electronics (hello, cracked iPhone!) and creates temporal duplicates (a.k.a. tooplicates) of nearly anything you can fit inside a container. You can also heal small pets. Who wouldn’t want one of those?


Do you already know how the saga will end or may there still be some unforeseen events that could still change the outcome?

I have a very strong sense of how the story will end, but there’s always some wiggle room. As I said before, my characters have a way of surprising me. Someone might make a decision that slightly changes the course of the plot.


How far are you with the sequel “The Song of the Orphans” and when can we expect to read it? And how long will it approximately take you to finish the whole series?

I’m inching really close to the end of it! I’m just a half-chapter from the final act, when everything goes topsy-turvy and all the disparate plot threads come together.
Once the full draft is submitted to the publisher, and once they confirm it’s not a complete disaster, they’ll find a space for it on their release calendar, which could be anywhere from 9 to 18 months in the future. So, long answer short, I don’t know when it’ll come out. I just know that The Song of the Orphans is a far superior book to Silvers. It’ll be worth the wait.

As for the whole series, that’s even harder to say. I’ll have more information about that in 2015.


Name 5 songs that you think would make a great soundtrack for “The Flight of the Silvers”! And which scenes from the book do you think they would fit to in particular?

I can’t think of any songs that would fit the narrative of Silvers, but if there was ever a theatrical preview of the movie/TV version, I would set it to Florence and the Machine. Either “Breath of Life” or “No Light, No Light.” I can’t listen to either of those songs without seeing action clips of the story in my head.


Talking about movies and shows: What’s your favorite movie/tv show?

My top three shows in the history of ever: The Wire, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones. Even if I wasn’t a writer, I would sit there and drool over the incredible writing in those shows.

It’s funny. I see a bunch of reviews for Flight of the Silvers where readers assume I’m a big fan of Fringe and Heroes. I’m not. I thought the parallel universe stuff was the absolute weakest part of Fringe. As for Heroes, I ran screaming for the hills in the middle of Season One. It was just bad. Painfully bad.

For movies, I only have one suggestion: City of God. If you’re a writer and you haven’t seen that movie, see it. It has one of the most brilliant plot structures I’ve ever seen. By the time it finishes, you feel like you’ve read an incredible 900-page book. It’s like the TARDIS of movie scripts. It’s bigger on the inside.


Which Silvers cover do you like more? The Hardcover or the PB edition?

That’s hard to say. They’re two different kinds of awesome. The hardcover design is pure simple elegance. It still makes me smile every time I look at it. But the paperback nails the plot and theme of the story much better. It just fits perfectly.


Are there any plans for a German edition of “The Flight of the Silvers“?

Not to my knowledge. That decision is up to the German publishers. They’re the ones who have to buy the rights, hire a translator, and then pray to God the poor person doesn’t go insane while translating my 600-page monster. I pity anyone who has to take on that job.


Aside from writing you own books, do you still find time to read other books for fun and what can you recommend for readers who liked “The Flight of the Silvers“?

Oh I always have an open book on my Kindle, though I find myself buying more than I read these days, mostly because of time issues.

I recently finished The Last Policeman trilogy by Ben H. Winters, about a man solving murders on the cusp of an asteroid apocalypse. It’s a very clever mashup of genres. The series ends on an absolute perfect note. I recommend it. Next up is Brilliance by Markus Sakey. That one sounds like it’s right up my alley.


Who is your favorite Doctor?

David Tennant, of course, though Peter Capaldi is slowly growing on me. This Christmas episode was the best one I’ve seen in a long, long time.


If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out The Flight of the Silvers!

 Thanks Daniel, for answering all our questions!

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Jan 14, 2015