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Playlist: Froi + Quintana

While I was reading the Lumatere Chronicles, I couldn’t listen to any music without finding at least one line in every single song that reminded me of the books somehow. I might be a little too obsessed with that series right now. Nevertheless, I later stumbled upon a song that was just perfect for Froi and Quintana, I stared crying while listening to it. And then I searched for some more that I thought fit the two books/characters pretty well.




If you listen to just one song from the list, let it be the first: The Runnaway. That’s THE Froi+Quintana song! (If you’ve read the series and like some of these songs: sorry! You probably won’t be able to listen to them anymore without starting to sob… at least that’s what’s happening to me everytime now)


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Mar 09, 2015