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Burn Rewrite Reread Tag

“Yes Sana, I want to do this tag. Yes, please tag me. Yes, favorites only please.” I hate myself right now.  Who even makes up a tag that makes you decide which of your favorite books you want to burn? Ok, admittedly it is kind of fun and Sana could have given me even worse options, at least for the first round, but still. I’m just going to pretend this never happened.

Round 1:tag_brr1


I’m really sorry for this but I have to burn Tell The Wolves I’m Home. I love this book and it made me cry like a baby but it has to be one of the three and I just can’t burn any of the other two.


I didn’t want to burn RPO and reread was already taken by Vicious, so rewriting it is. I’m not really sure what I want to rewrite though because I love RPO the way it is. Maybe tune down Wade’s obsession with Art3mis a bit, because it was somewhat creepy (even though I totally understand it because Art3mis is awesome).


There is a reason why this book is on my “read-again-soon-and-often” shelf. It’s one of those books that I reread once a year because the story never gets old and I love Victor Vale so much.

Round 2:


When I first saw these, I was like “Oh, that’s easy. I want to rewrite the ending of The Final Empire and then I…. oh”. NO WAY AM I BURNING MOM OR BLLB! That was the point when I seriously started to question my decision to do this tag.


Well, it had to be one of the three so The Final Empire it is. I just can’t burn any of the other two. I’m sorry Kel, I love you, but I’ll burn this one so that I can pretend that thing you did at the end never happened.


I dunno, I love BLLB, but if I have to choose between MoM and BLLB, it’s BLLB that I want to rewrite. Maybe make it more of a Ronan Lynch book like TDT was because oh boy I would love to be in his head during certain Pynch scenes. (Thanks for not choosing TDT Sana!)


MONSTERS OF MEN, FOREVER AND ALWAYS! This book owns my soul, it’s fucking perfect and there is no chance in hell that I’m gonna burn or rewrite it.


I’m gonna cry over those poor books that got burned now.

I tag Sebastian and Ellie.