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Sci-Fi November: Blast Off + Giveaway

Sci-Fi November 2016

The Sci-Fi Month hosted by Rinn Reads goes into its third round and I finally have the time to participate. I love Sci-Fi so I couldn’t be more excited. Sci-Fi November is a month-long event to share our love for all things Sci-Fi: books,comics, movies and anything else you can think of. I read a lot of great posts during the last two years’ events and I’m happy to share some of my own this time. If you want to know more and participate yourself, check out Rinn’s post here.

Sci-Fi November is mostly a blogging event, but I have more than a few blog posts planned. Reading Sci-Fi books is of course my first priority but I have other things planned as well.

On my blog

My goal was to publish at least two Sci-Fi posts each week, one of those a review and one something else. I already have a few reviews ready so definitely look out for those. As for the other posts: I plan to make a few lists of recommendations as well as books I still want to read. There might also be a discussion post or two. I have quite a lot of ideas but I’m not sure yet what I’m actually going to do in the end.

On other blogs

Sci-Fi November always consists of lots of interesting posts. Reviews, giveaways, discussion posts, lists, quizzes and more. You should check out Rinn’s blog to see a complete list of all posts published during Sci-Fi November. It’s definitely worth looking into.


My idea was to not only talk about Sci-Fi books and movies on my blog, but also make use of Instagram. My plan was to post one picture each day but we’ll see how that goes. I often forget about daily posts, but I hope I won’t this time. I will post them with #RRSciFiMonth (the official hashtag) as well as #dailySciFi.


To read

I’ll probably not read only Sci-Fi this month, but I have quite a few titles on my list that I would like to (re-)read. I never really stick to my TBRs but some on this list are must-reads for me.



  • Pacific Rim: This will be my first ever movie novelization. I usually don’t think these can be any good but it’s Pacific Rim!
  • The Lunar Chronicles: I will start November with re-reading the first three books in the series and then it’s time to finish this series with the release of Winter. I’M NOT READY!
  • Under the Empyrean Sky: One of a few Chuck Wendig books I haven’t read yet and what better time to start this series than now.
  • 11 Doctors, 11 Stories: I started this once but have still a few stories left. It’s about time I finish this one.

To watch

In October I saw a few people who had the goal to watch 31 horror movies and I was sad that I heard of this too late or I would have tried the same. So when I started planning Sci-Fi November I thought “Why not do the same with Sci-Fi movies!?”.


30 Sci-Fi movies in 30 days:
I don’t think I will manage to actually watch 30 movies so I’ll probably just count episodes of Agents of SHIELD and X-Files too to make it to 30. I do have a list of 30 movies that I would like to watch though. I want to re-watch some favorites (Pacific Rim of course, Looper, Inception,…) and a few older ones that I haven’t watched in years (Matrix, Alien, The 5th Element, ET,…) but I also want to watch some that I haven’t seen yet. 


To celebrate Sci-Fi month I have a small giveaway for you. Enter below to enter for a chance to win a Star Wars tote bag and a set of my SkinnyHues bookmarks. The giveaway is open to everyone and ends December 1st, 12am!


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