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Book Recommendations by Favorite Authors


I bet it happened to the most of us: we see a book blurbed by a favorite author and think it MUST be worth reading. We ask the author for their favorite reads of the year at a book signing and want to buy every single book mentioned. And maybe not most of us, but some: we stalk their goodreads shelves to see which books they rated 5 stars.

Just because a favorite author liked the book, is it rally worth reading though? Does it really fit our taste?

Favorite author = same taste in books?

In general, my answer to that question would be a big no. In my opinion, liking someone’s book and their writing, doesn’t necessarily mean you enjoy the same books as them. Even if I enjoy the same genre and type of books, it’s rare that I see an author whose books I adore, love the same books as me. When I take a closer look at just my top favorite authors, some of them don’t even read the same kind of books they write.

At the moment I have exactly two authors who I think have the same taste in books as me. It’s fun when you can actually ask your favorite author for book recommendations, when you can trust a book blurb by them. I see them more as an exception though and definitely not the norm, which makes me wonder why recommendations by other authors are such a big deal when we often can’t trust them anyway.

What recommendations do I trust?

As I said before, I only actually trust two of my favorite authors with their book recommendations but there are some exceptions to that too. Sometimes I do want to read a book because a favorite author recommended it and made it seem like it’s the right book for me. That heavily depends on the kind of recommendation though.

Author blurbs

Sometimes I wonder why author blurbs even exist. Do people really trust them? Does someone buy a book just because of another author’s blurb on the book? I’ve never done it before and that’s not even because I don’t trust them (which I don’t!) but has more to do with me not even noticing them most of the time. When I look at covers online, I never look at the small printed words (even something like “bestseller of…” often escapes me), so most of the time, I only notice author blurbs when I take a closer look when the book arrives at home. And then I’m mostly like “oh hey, author X liked this, that’s interesting.” but it doesn’t necessarily make me more excited about the book.

I couldn’t care less about author blurbs on covers and it’s definitely the last place I would look for book recommendations. 

Personal book recommedations

Probably my favorite kind of book recommendations by authors are those that are more personal and feel like the author really cares about the book. Hearing them fangirl over books during events and twitter is probably my favorite thing and definitely makes me excited about a book from time to time. This is also the only case where I might get interested in a book recommended by an author who usually doesn’t have the same kind of taste in books.

With authors I completely trust, it even went so far, that they talk about it on twitter and five minutes later I’ve made my order. I haven’t had any regrets yet. 



I’m not going to lie, I used to go crazy about recommendations by favorite authors, wrote them all down, made lists to remember to get the books later. Over the years I realized that those are often books that I’m not REALLY interested in though. Most of them I only wanted to read because an author mentioned them. Nowadays I only trust those two favorite authors of who I know they have the same taste in books as me.

Do you trust book recommendations by your favorite author? Do you have a favorite author who has the same taste in books as you?