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Catch the Silvers!

If you want to have another looks at how the game works, read this post again.

You all got your team and your start location via email, now it’s time to catch the Silvers!
Your team has to make a move every two days, which means you have to decide on your first move until tomorrow, Jan 13th (as we’ve never done this before we’ll see if this actually works out, maybe we’ll make it three days instead if you need more time).

The Silvers always make their move first (but only reveal their method of transportation here). After that the other teams can make their move. It doesn’t matter who makes a move first. BUT there can never be two teams in the very same location!

Each team has their own page where they can discuss what move they want to make next. For the Silvers, that one is private, but everyone else’s is open to see for everyone:

Here you only state where you want to move next and by what method of transportation. (Make sure to choose someone of the team who writes the comment)

To have an overview of everyone’s location and tokens we’ll update this table after every round of moves: