Catch the Silvers!

If you want to have another looks at how the game works, read this post again.

You all got your team and your start location via email, now it’s time to catch the Silvers!
Your team has to make a move every two days, which means you have to decide on your first move until tomorrow, Jan 13th (as we’ve never done this before we’ll see if this actually works out, maybe we’ll make it three days instead if you need more time).

The Silvers always make their move first (but only reveal their method of transportation here). After that the other teams can make their move. It doesn’t matter who makes a move first. BUT there can never be two teams in the very same location!

Each team has their own page where they can discuss what move they want to make next. For the Silvers, that one is private, but everyone else’s is open to see for everyone:

Here you only state where you want to move next and by what method of transportation. (Make sure to choose someone of the team who writes the comment)

To have an overview of everyone’s location and tokens we’ll update this table after every round of moves:

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  • To all teams:
    Please make sure that you decide on your first move until tomorrow (= WEDNESDAY) 21.00 Central European Time.

    If you haven’t reached a decision as a team then we are going to take the last suggestion that has been made in the comment section of your team page! ;)

  • The Bureau of Domestic Protections:

    We move from 78 to 86, by foot.

  • Hey there!
    This is team Evan Rander and
    we’ll walk to position 26.

  • We have just updated the map and the table, you can now discuss your next move!

    Please tell us where you are going next until FRIDAY, 21.00h Central European Time!

  • Hi, Bureau of…..
    We walk to 85

  • Evan Rander: we are moving to 27

  • Map and table have been updated, please make your next move until SUNDAY, 21.00 h CET!

    Keep in mind that the Silvers have to reveal their position for the 1st time after their next move! ;-)

  • Maps and table are now up-to-date, your next move will be due TUESDAY, 21.00 h CET! ;-)

  • Gothams to 4 in step 4 please (by car)

  • Table and maps have just been updated, please beware that the Silvers position won’t change on the map until they have to reveal theirselves again after round 8.

    Because the teams are now quite close to each other, it is very important that the Silvers team makes their move BEFORE their opponents so that the 3 hunting parties can react to the revealed method of transportation. That’s why the Silvers from now on have to post their move one day ahead of the others (otherwise it would be too easy for them to escape).

    To the Silvers: Please make your next move until TOMORROW (= Thursday), 21.00 h CET.
    Other teams: Your next move is due FRIDAY, 21.00 h CET.

    Good luck! ;-)

  • The Gothams go to 10 by car in turn 5.

  • I just updated the map, please make your next movies until MONDAY 21.00 h CET (BDP, ER, Gothams) and TUESDAY 21.00 h (Silvers)! ;-)

  • Gothams go by car to 1

  • Sorry, I only just found the time to update the table…

    BDP, ER & Gothams: You can plan your next move until tomorrow (=Thursday) evening, the next Silvers move is due Friday!

  • So we just need the Gothams to move on!? ;)

  • So the Silvers just revealed their position for the 2nd time and it looks like they managed to get out of the serious trouble they were in!

    BDP, ER & Gothams, please make your next move until Monday evening, the Silvers have until Tuesday for their next step! ;-)

  • Gothams go back to 1 by foot.

  • Just updated the map, please make your next moves until today (Silvers)/Friday (BDP, Gothams, ER)! ;-)

  • I’ll move to 69 by foot

  • Gothams go by car to 66

  • 82 by foot.

  • The map is now up-to-date; Silvers, please make your next move until Tuesday evening, the other teams have until Wednesday evening!

    Please beware that the Gothams have just used their last car token and can from now on only move by foot or public transport ;)

  • Evans next move to 46 by public transport.

  • Gothams are making master plans and waiting for the Silvers to move ;-)

  • The Silvers have used their speed-suit which means that they could make two moves in a row. So we kind of skipped round 10 and are now already in round 11 ;-)

  • Gothams going via public transport to 67.

  • BDP goes to 67 by public transport.

    • It’s not possible for you to move straight to 67 because you have to reach 39 or 68 first before moving on! ;)

      • Need to check the rules again, dont understand this move…
        Isn’t red the public transport line? *confused*

        • Your move or the move of the BDP?

          BDP is currently on 69. There is no direct connection between 69 and 67 and its either 2 steps by foot (69-68-67) or 2 steps by public transport (69-39-67). The only team that was allowed to do 2 steps this round are the silvers because they used their speedsuit token.

          Did this help to wipe away your confusion? ;)

          • Haha, switched your answers – when I read the one from the Gothams it is all clear^^ Sorry! I move to 19.

      • Damn it. I shouldn’t try to make any moves when I’m very tired I guess xD Sorry. Uhm, I think I’ll move to 39 then.


    Since the past few rounds have taken much too long we have adjusted the rules a little bit to speed things up.

    Every team has now EXACTLY 2 days to plan its move.

    If one team hasn’t stated in time where they want to go next they are losing their move and have to stay where they are. We are also going to take away a token from you so that you can’t just stay where you are deliberately to save your tokens for future moves. The token we are going to take away is the one where you have the highest amount of.
    Example: You miss your move and have 3 foot-tokens, 2 car-tokens and 4 public-transport-tokens -> You lose 1 public transport move. If the number of tokens in 2 or all 3 categories is equal, we take away the one with the lowest value, starting with the foot-tokens.

    Here is the schedule for the next few rounds so that you can already see when your next moves are due:
    Round 11: Silvers: DONE BDP, ER & Gothams: Friday (2/20)
    Round 12: Silvers: Saturday (2/21) BDP, ER & Gothams: Sunday (2/22)
    Round 13: Silvers: Monday (2/23) BDP, ER & Gothams: Tuesday (2/24)

    We are going to update the map and table right the next morning, so you have all the evening to state your next move!

    If you have any questions concerning this little rules update, don’t hesitate to ask! ;)

  • Gotha s by foot to 67

  • The Silvers decided to use their spectral image token which means that they weren’t allowed to make a move this round but were able to chose a location where they want to reveal their position that is inside a radius of max. 2 moves of their actual location. There’s also the possibility that their spectral image is really on the position where they are now standing.

    This means the Silvers are now either on 66 (where they revealed themselves) or on one of the spots that can be reached within 2 moves.

  • Round 14: Silvers – Wednesday (2/25); BDP, ER & Gothams – Thursday (2/26)

  • Gothams going by foot to 89

  • Round 15: Silvers – Friday (2/27); BDP, ER & Gothams – Saturday (2/28)
    Round 16: Silvers – Sunday (3/1); BDP, ER & Gothams – Monday (3/2)
    Round 17: Silvers – Tuesday (3/3); BDP, ER & Gothams – Wednesday (3/4)

  • Round 18: Silvers – Thursday (3/5); BDP, ER & Gothams – Friday (3/6)
    Round 19: Silvers – Saturday (3/7); BDP, ER & Gothams – Sunday (3/8)
    Round 20: Silvers – Monday (3/9); BDP, ER & Gothams – Tuesday (3/10)

  • The chase is over! Congratulations to the Silvers team for successfully fooling the BDP, the Gothams and Evan Rander!

    You will receive a prize notification via e-mail soon ;)

    We also completed the table with all the Silvers’ moves in case you might want to trace their way all over San Diego and see how close (or not^^) you missed them!

    We hope you had fun playing the game and thanks a lot for your participation! :)


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