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Spreadsheet: ARCs


This is my spreadsheet to keep track of all the ARCs I got. Thanks to that second still empty column where I keep track of my “status” of each book, I have lists of books: to-read, to-review and to-send-to-publisher. I also have some statistics about my progress and a tab that lists the books that are going to be published the next month.




All I do is make a list of ARCs in the “ARCs” tab, assign a status (” ” = unread, “R” = read, “RR” = read and reviewed, “RRS” = read,reviewed and sent to publisher) and everything else is handled automatically. I don’t even have to sort them, because that will happen in the other tabs too.
And you’ll notice when you are behind because the numbers of the date and the days until… will turn red like in the example ;D


You can get an empty copy of the file here.


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  • Huhu Crini,

    thanks a lot for these wonderful spreadsheet. It helps me a lot :)
    I wish you a happy and very bookish new year :)


  • Yay, this is awesome!

    I mainly use OneNote to track my progress but I’ve been thinking of switching to Drive. I just might because new year, new way to track my ARC progress. =D

  • I love your spreadsheets, they’re really clever and well organised. Buy the way, I saw you’re reading Ready Player One. I hope you like it! I really really enjoyed it.

  • I just found out about this now and I am so thankful! However, I am having a problem with the “next!” sheet since no books appear there. What should I do? :)

    • Oh, I’m sorry. There was a mistake in the formula. Not sure how that got there >.< If you go to A2 in that sheet, at the end of the formula it currently says "... month(now()+1) ...." but that has to be "... month(now())+1 ...." (the +1 outside of the bracket)

  • I bow down to you! This is the best spreadsheet ever – organising my blog by post it notes shall soon be a thing of the past! Thanks so much for sharing your book wisdom!!

  • Hi again Crini,

    I think there’s an error in the ‘progress’ tab. They just say #REF! and something about the data in A13 (it’s in Danish and even I don’t understand a thing.)


    • Mh, I don’t know how to help you here because I don’t see the error myself. Is it in your empty copy or after you started inserting titles?

      • After adding: I’ve put some of my ARCs in the first tab and the ‘to read’, ‘to review’, ‘to send’ etc has filled out automatically but the last one just say #REF! in the top rows

      • Can you give me access to your spreadsheet? Maybe then I can figure out what is wrong

      • I’ve shared it with you, hopefully it works

      • Now I know what the problem is! :)
        Did you copy the formula in cell A5 from the old version? (the formula would have to fill so many cells that it would overwrite the content in A13, that’s why it throws an error)
        I deleted it in the new one because it wasn’t working the way the spreadsheet was set up. BUT, I just changed my empty copy a bit, so maybe get that one!?

Dec 29, 2014