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Spreadsheet: Books 2017

Spreadsheet 2017

The year is almost over which means it’s TIME FOR A NEW SPREADSHEET. “Books 2017” is a spreadsheet to keep track of your reading and accumulating of books and gives an intense amount of interesting statistics. (you could use it any year, but I make a new one every year because ALL THEM NEW IDEAS, so 2017 in the title it is.)

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Spreadsheet: All the Books [in progress]

I got a lot of input for my latest spreadsheet and hence made a lot of changes after sharing it. This time I want to get input before I finish and share it AND have some beta users to prevent errors.

The spreadsheet: All the Books

Usually I have one spreadsheet for every year and as much as I like making a new spreadsheet each year (and I’ll definitely keep on doing it) and love start filling a new one, I always wanted to have just one spreadsheet with all my books: Books that I read, books that I own but are unread, books I want to have. My current ideas for this spreadsheet are: Read More

Spreadsheet: Books 2016

Yes, we still have two whole months to go until 2016 starts, but I love my spreadsheets and I’m way too excited about this one to wait any longer. I just had to share it now.
Every year I create myself a new spreadsheet to keep track of all the books I read and bought to see what genre I read most, how much money I spent and lots more. This year I went a bit over the top and I created a huge matrix of statistics. I almost want to fill the spreadsheet with my books from 2015, I’m THAT excited about all these new statistics.

This post is not just to show you my spreadsheet and share a copy for you to use, I also explain in detail HOW to use it. There are a few things to be made clear before you can start using it so please read the whole thing if you are going to use this spreadsheet. Read More

Spreadsheet: Book Series

I have shared this spreadsheet before, about a year ago, but it has changed so much since then and I also didn’t share an empty copy in case someone wants to use it too. So here it is again. 

I case you didn’t know: I love series. I always prefer series over standalones which means that I have a huge list of series that I read/am reading/want to read. I just had to start a spreadsheet to keep track of them all. That I love getting statistics about what I read only adds to that need.

This is an example of how I keep track of my series:


I have a row for each series and then keep track of when series start and finish, when I started and finished them, as well as a status for each individual book. Read More

Spreadsheet: ARCs


This is my spreadsheet to keep track of all the ARCs I got. Thanks to that second still empty column where I keep track of my “status” of each book, I have lists of books: to-read, to-review and to-send-to-publisher. I also have some statistics about my progress and a tab that lists the books that are going to be published the next month.




All I do is make a list of ARCs in the “ARCs” tab, assign a status (” ” = unread, “R” = read, “RR” = read and reviewed, “RRS” = read,reviewed and sent to publisher) and everything else is handled automatically. I don’t even have to sort them, because that will happen in the other tabs too.
And you’ll notice when you are behind because the numbers of the date and the days until… will turn red like in the example ;D


You can get an empty copy of the file here.


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