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Spreadsheet: Book Series

I have shared this spreadsheet before, about a year ago, but it has changed so much since then and I also didn’t share an empty copy in case someone wants to use it too. So here it is again. 

I case you didn’t know: I love series. I always prefer series over standalones which means that I have a huge list of series that I read/am reading/want to read. I just had to start a spreadsheet to keep track of them all. That I love getting statistics about what I read only adds to that need.

This is an example of how I keep track of my series:


I have a row for each series and then keep track of when series start and finish, when I started and finished them, as well as a status for each individual book.

The first column indicates the status of the series:

  • empty: still reading it or need to start it
  • ✓: finished reading it
  • ↯: DNF

The fun part: The name of the series changes its style automatically according to that field.

The 8th column is for the number of books in a series. After entering that number, the fields for the books will automatically fill themselves with color like in the picture above.

The status of each book:

  • X: the book is read
  • O: own the book but haven’t read it yet
  • B: still need to buy this book
  • When a series is a DNF, the fields of books that are unread stay empty
And then the fun part: statistics


By changing “2015” to any other year, you can get the statistics for any year you want.

A few extras:
  • a tab that shows which series started in a specific year
  • a tab that shows which series were completed in a specific year
  • option to sort the series by name of the series or author




Get the spreadsheet here
(This is read only. You have to make a copy for yourself via File>Make a copy)