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2015 Reading Stats

In case you didn’t know, I’m a little obsessed with spreadsheets and getting all kinds of statistics about the books I read. So without further ado, these are my stats for 2015:



If you’re curious about the books I read, check out my End of Year Survey.
If you want similar statistics, check out my spreadsheet for 2016.

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  • You like spreadsheets? Oh, I never noticed that before ;)

    I never thought about looking at my stats for the amount of pages, but that’s neat! It looks like you had a great reading year, based on your ratings.

    • I only started looking at pages after I started reading a lot of Fantasy = a lot more bigger books :D

  • This was so interesting! I’ve always loved looking at people’s reading stats. Also, I’m going to use that spreadsheet you created, and I’m super pumped about it. Thank you for making it!

  • I love love love the pie charts used :D its amazing how you calculate the statistics – I don’t even track the books I read!

  • Somehow my battle victory feels a bit less glorious seeing that almost one fourth of your reads were rereads :D

    I just checked my spreadsheet and was surprised that I actually managed to do 7 rereads, it felt like even less xD

    I also can’t believe that thrillers don’t even show up anymore in your genre chart and that you even read more contemporaries and classics than thrillers :D

    And wow, more than 70% of your reads have been 4- or 5-star-books, so 2015 has been quite a successful year for you (although I guess that all your rereads influenced this statistic^^)

    • I tell you every time that I make it way too easy for you :P

      I just noticed that I actually made a mistake in my stats. I counted “mystery and thriller” but only used “thriller” in my list so the number was 0 XD I DID read 6!

      Only looking at non-rereads I’m also at almost 70% with 4 and 5-stars. I know how to pick the right books :D

Jan 03, 2016