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Recap: June 2017

May was already a month of not enough reading and somehow June got worse. I knew I would be quite busy in June but thought I would spend all my afternoons reading to relax but ended up being busy then too. I DON’T APPROVE. I’m sad how few audiobooks I manage to listen to at the moment, only one in June to be exact, which literally took me all month. I did read quite a lot of comics though (and quit reading anything else during those last two weeks LOL). I really miss reading big chunky books.

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Recap: May 2017

Stranger Things happened in May. Even though there have been extreme highs and lows re general life, I seriously don’t know what happened reading-wise that month. I only reread a single book (at least a Schwab book, so that’s still going) and only listened to two audiobooks. And while 11 books overall aren’t bad, my average page count is 268 pages, so yeah…. At least my book buying / accumulating went GREAT. A book a day keeps the doctor away, they say, right?

All them Books

I’m not going to complain about what I’ve read because they were all great books (even that 3* Ness one which just wasn’t for me but is an amazing book). It’s kind of shocking though that I didn’t finish a single print book, only ebooks and audiobooks. I really need to up my game again in June, especially regarding my rereads (reread count dropped below 50% #SADFACE).

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Recap: April 2017

This year is flying by so damn fast and I don’t like it. I have no idea where April went and I really wouldn’t mind if we could slow down a bit. (or…maybe not, because I also really want it to be October 31 now AKA the day the ADSOM special edition releases. WHERE IS MY TARDIS)

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Recap: March 2017

March was… weird. I can’t really say that I’ve been more busy than usually (and that normally makes me read more than when I have a lot of time anyway) but somehow I didn’t get to a lot in March. I didn’t finish a lot of books (only started like two dozens *ahem*) and didn’t watch much TV either. Don’t even get me started on music this month, because I’m just gonna cut that part from the recap this time.

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Recap: February 2017

February AKA the month that broke me. A month that started out well with me reading quite a few great books and ended even better with me obsessing over Shades of Magic (watch me still doing it all through March) and being a complete and utter mess because IT’S OVER. GOODBYE. NO MORE KELL AND LILA AND HOLLAND AND RHY AND ALUCARD *sobs*

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