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Review: Driven by Kelley Armstrong


ains are known for being big, brutish and not-too-bright. The mutt clan embodies all the supernatural world’s worst stereotypes about werewolves. But not even the Cains deserve to be hunted down and skinned like animals.

When young Davis Cain comes to the Pack for help, Alpha Elena Michaels can’t refuse him. It isn’t about morality or justice. It’s about not letting anyone think they can do this to werewolves and get away with it.

But Elena is also dealing with the Pack’s homegrown monster—Malcolm Danvers, onetime enforcer, full-time psycho. Malcolm is now under Elena’s control, as part of the most difficult decision she’s had to make as leader. But if she has to let Malcolm in, she’s going to make full use of him…and the best person to catch monsters is one who knows exactly how they think.

My thoughts

I hadn’t read any stories set in the Otherworld series since I read the last book in the series, Thirteen, early in 2015 and it definitely felt good to be back in this world. Reading Driven made me want to go back and re-read the full length novels as well as novellas which I haven’t read before.

The stories about the werewolves are still my favorites, mainly because they are such a big family and almost always include a lot more than the tight knit werewolf pack. Seeing the little ones becoming a bigger part of the story always make me happy and I hope one day there are going to be stories about them when they get older.

Driven shows yet again that the girls are able to be in charge (even though they still have to deal with assholes, not believing in them). Elena kicks ass as always and I loved how the pack never fails to show kindness even though they are seen as the big bad wolves. Helping out the Cains made for a fast paced adventure that did not disappoint even though I wished Kelley Armstrong would not always put female characters through the same horrible experiences. I could have done with a different answer as to why someone targets the Cains.

Driven definitely did get an extra point for mentioning my most beloved character in this world, someone I still miss and wish I had more stories to read about. He might not have been an actual part of the story but it’s nice to see he isn’t forgotten.

Delivering yet another action packed story featuring her werewolves, Driven is an excellent addition to the series, with the only downside that it seems to be the last one for now.

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Sep 19, 2016